dCod 1.0
Voss workshop

First dCod workshop

The first workshop in the dCod 1.0 project was organized at Voss during a busy December month. 22 participants from all Norwegian partners participated in discussions, cross-disciplinary crash courses, and teambuilding.

dCod workshop participants
The dCod workshop participants gathered after a round of Vossamoro teambuilding. First row from left: Roger Lille-Langøy, Essa Assah Khan, Dorothy Dankel, Karina Dale, Shirin Fallahi, Xiaokang Zhang, Eileen Hanna, second row: Zhanna Tairova, Siri Øfsthus Goksøyr, Libe Aranguren, Marta Eide, Fatemeh Ghavidel, Fekadu Yadetie, third row: Odd André Karlsen, Morten Brun, Håvard Frøysa, Nello Blaser, Ketil Hylland, Hans Julius Skaug, Guttorm Alendal, Inge Jonassen, Anders Goksøyr
Anders Goksøyr


The workshop was organized at historical Fleischers Hotel, just one step from the railway station. To break down the barriers between disciplines, the younger generation from Bergen had been challenged with preparing a crash course of a different discipline than their own. Afterwards, we were split in three groups who competed in Vossamoro challenges of different kinds, involving both analytical and modeling skills, indoor as well as outdoor, and a lot of fun. Back in the seminar room, Fatemeh Ghavidel presented data handling issues and tools and led a discussion around the FAIRDOM and NELS platforms.

Friday morning, Dorothy Dankel introduced the Responsible Research and Innovation - RRI - principles and how it can be applied in the dCod project. She led us through a first round of RRI activities and discussions, including stakeholder mapping. Next, we were given a preview of the Kollevågen movie by Marta, and walked through the whole process of experimental set-up, sample analysis and data generation. Finally, the plans and activities for 2017 were discussed, including Digital Life Norway activities. In summary, a nice workshop where the different groups got to know each other and the project better, in a fine setting, although the weather was far from winterlike, but gray and rainy.