Nettverk for digitale narrativ
Conference and Exhibition -- Call for Submissions

DNN Conference and Exhibition

We are busy planning the Digital Narrative Network conference on 21st and 22nd November with an exhibition in the same week at the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, featuring a keynote from N. Katherine Hayles and other special guests, alongside presentations of research from multiple faculties at UiB.

N Katherine Hayles
N. Katherine Hayles


We are now welcoming submissions for 10-15 minute presentations for the Digital Narrative Network conference, which will focus on research and practice in digital narrative at the University of Bergen. The format could be, for example: theoretical work or criticism, artist talk, or presentation of research projects or demos. We are open to ideas as long as it relates to the theme. We welcome presentations from UiB Faculty, graduate students, alumni and others related to the network.

Lunches will be provided for participants both days of the conference.

Please submit your proposals for research presentations, artist talks, project demos, or group panels here by Friday, Oct. 4th using this form:  https://skjemaker.app.uib.no/view.php?id=7094284 . Alongside the art exhibition we would like to show a selection of books related to digital narrative. Conference participants can suggest your book or artwork using the same form.

At the conference we will consider digital narrative from multiple perspectives, including for example:

--Digital Narratives in Electronic Literature (reflexive literary artifacts in digital media)

--Digital Narratives of Everyday Life Online (as reflected for example in social networks and other mass-writing / identity / communication platforms)

--Digital Narratives as Interactive Digital Narratives (for example in computer games and other IDN experiences)

--Digital Narrative as Nonhuman Narrative (for example AI, machine learning, and machine vision systems that produce semi-autonomous narratives)

--Literature Reflecting Contemporary Culture After the Digital Turn (novels, poetry, etc. that reflect on the post-digital / post-human condition)

--Narratives of Digital Culture Reflected in Contemporary Art (for example sound art, procedural art, and performance)

- Digital Narratives as Visual Culture (for example in media arts influenced by the visual turn, or post-digital design practices)

Program Committee: Scott Rettberg, Kristine Jørgensen, Laurie Lax, Eamon O'Kane, and Joseph Tabbi