Senter for dyphavsforskning

Fullførte doktorgradsprosjekter

12 kandidater har avlagt sine doktorgrader ved Senter for Dyphavsforskning siden 2017.


Listen viser doktorgrader ved senteret fra 2017 til 2022.

KandidatAvhandlingens tittelFullført

Anders Bjerga

Oceanic core complexes in the Norwegian-Greenland Sea2024
Lars-Kristian Lunde TrellevikExploring Deep-Sea Minerals : Systems modeling for an emerging industry and unknown futures2024
Samuel PereiraThe high temperature fate of the hydrothermal deep biosphere: An experimental and field investigation2024
Victoria RøysethFunctional diversity, energy metabolisms and biochemical properties of proteolytic and amino acid degrading microorganisms living in hydrothermal vent fields2024

Francesca Vulcano

Short chain hydrocarbon degraders in hydrothermal vent systems on the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge2023
Heidi Kristina MeyerBiodiversity and Community Ecology of Deep-Sea Sponge Grounds in the North Atlantic2022
Tor Einar MøllerQuantifying associations between microbial and geochemical processes in sediment systems2022
Hasan ArsinSequence-based enxyme discovery from marine microbial diversity : Multiple approaches for the heterologous expression of genes in Escherichia coli2021
Francisca Correia De CarvalhoLithistid demosponges of the North Atlantic: Taxonomy, Diversity and Biogeographic Patterns 2020
Kristian Agasøster HaagaCausal interactions in the Earth System2020
Karen Cecilie JohannessenBiosignatures of iron-oxidizing bacteria in modern hydrothermal deposits and Proterozoic jaspers2020
Eirik GjerløwHolocene volcanic activity and hazards of Jan Mayen, North-Atlantic2019
Karin LandschulzeGeophysical investigation of the Hugin Fracture, a soft-sediment seafloor fracture on the Utsira High, North Sea2019
Adriana AlvizuTaxonomy and phylogeny of calcaronean sponges (Porifera, Calcarea)2019
Anne StenslandInput and fate of hydrothermal volatiles and trace elements in deep-sea plumes from Arctic vent fields2019
Rui ZhaoMicrobial nitrogen cycling in the marine deep biosphere2018
Jan Vander RoostIron oxidizing microorganisms at the Jan Mayen hydrothermal vent fields2018
Anders SchouwIsolation and genome analysis of Vallitalea guaymasensis L81; energy metabolism, syntrophy and applications2018
Leif-Erik PedersenBiosignatures in the oceanic crust2018
Mari Heggernes EilertsenEvolutionary history, connectivity and habitat-use of annelids from deep-sea chemosynthesis-based ecosystems, with an emphasis on the Arctic mid-Ocean Ridge and the Nordic Seas2018
Sven Le Moine BauerImpact of environmental parameters and dispersal on microbial communities in hydrothermal areas of the Nordic Seas2017