Senter for dyphavsforskning

GoNorth – Exploring the Arctic Ocean

The ongoing GONORTH cruise is pushing the limits of deep sea exploration in the north.


Rolf Birger Pedersen from CDeepSea is leading the second GoNorth expedition far into the ice of the central Arctic Ocean. The expedition will during its five weeks duration push the boundaries of knowledge in these remote and unexplored areas of the high Arctic. Onboard are an interdisciplinary research team from different national and international research institutions, among these CDeepSea researchers Ingunn H Thorseth, Håvard Stubseid, Eirik Fyrand Siira, Eirik Valdar and Maja Jæger. In addition, our research vessel K P Håkon will get help from the German research vessel Polarstern to keep the waters around it ice-free and thereby facilitating complicated operations on the seafloor. You can read more about the GoNorth program here and follow the expedition daily reports here. We wish them best of luck and are looking forward to start working on the collected sample material when they get back home.