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Strategy-proof assignment of multiple resources


Velkommen til forskningsseminar med Albin Erlanson. Erlanson er forsker ved Universitetet i Bonn med PhD i økonomi.


Tittel på seminaret:

“Strategy-proof assignment of multiple resources”



We examine the strategy-proof allocation of multiple resources; an application is the assignment of packages of tasks, workloads, and compensations among the members of an organization. In the domain of multi-dimensional single-peaked preferences, we find that any allocation mechanism obtained by maximizing a separably concave function over a polyhedral extension of the set of Pareto-efficient allocations is strategy-proof. Moreover, these are the only strategy-proof, unanimous, consistent, and resource monotonic mechanisms. These mechanisms generalize the parametric rationing mechanisms (Young, 1987), some of which date back to the Babylonian Talmud.


Seminaret er åpent for alle interesserte. Vel møtt!