Zeiss Supra 55 VP Filament: thermal field emission. KV range: 100 V - 30 kV. Single condenser column. Resolution 1nm @ 15 kV. Magnification 12 - 900.000×. Variable pressure. Detectors: In-lens secondary electron detector (in-lens SE), secondary electron detector (ET), angle selective backscatter detector (AsB), 4 quadrant STEM detector. Energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS). Wavelength dispersive spectroscopy (WDS). Cathodoluminescence detector (CL). Atlas 4 software. Main use: analytical EM (EXAMPLES). Operating.

Fei Quanta 450 Filament: thermal field emission. KV range: 200V - 30 kV. Resolution: 0.8 nm @ 30kV. Magnification: 6 - 1.000.000x. Variable Pressure. Detectors: secondary electron detector (ET), backscatter detector (BSD). Main use: surface imaging of material and life science samples at low and high vacuum. Operating.

Zeiss Gemini 450 Filament: thermal field-emission. KV range: 20V - 30 kV. Double condenser column. Resolution 0.6nm @ 30 kV. Magnification 12 - 2.000.000×. Variable Pressure (NanoVP). Detectors: In-lens secondary electron detector (in-lens SE), in-lens energy selective backscatter detector (ESB), secondary electron detector (ET), variable pressure secondary electron detector (VPSE), annular backscatter detector (aBSD), annular scanning transmission detector (aSTEM). Tandem deceleration (stage bias). Atlas 5 and Array tomography software. Main use: automated imaging of life science serial sections (3D EM), correlated light and electron microscopy (CLEM). Installation ongoing. Available for users early 2021.