Kunstpraksis 1



Full time.




Campus UiB.

Mål og innhald

In the first semester, the student will perform artistic experiments as a preliminary project for the master's project. During the working processes , the student must refer to reflection and planned further development of their master's project.

It is expected that the student will manage complex projects in relation to subject traditions , and work with conceptual experiments in the field. It is expected that the student will identify innovative elements of their own practice.


At the end of the course, the student must have the following learning outcomes:


  • Assess your own artistic practice in the light of knowledge of contemporary and / or historical art practices.


  • Master and combine methods for exploring and developing your own master's project.
  • Carry out, communicate and document artistic activities at a higher professional level, orally and in writing.
  • Apply and develop relevant approaches and methods in your own artistic work.

General competence:

  • Collaborate with others in analyzing and conducting a critical reflection on visual (and / or other) topics.
  • Present ideas effectively in a group situation

Krav til studierett

This is a mandatory module that requires admission to study in the Master's programme in Fine Art.

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

In this course, the core of teaching is related to the supervision of the individual student. Tutoring is a structured conversation that stimulates the student to explore and develop their art . Supervision should encourage reflection and that the student is active both during the conversation and in the period between each guidance . The purpose is for the student to be proven in their own creative process, and thus develop greater independence and take responsibility for their own learning. Guidance is both individual and in groups. There will also be group critiques and reviews led by the department 's employees.

Self-governing work processes are particularly emphasized, but the student can also have teaching methods such as lectures , presentations , seminars, technique and method exercises, in addition to supervision and group discussions . In this course, a study trip is also planned.

At the beginning of the course, a joint trip for the MA group will be planned. This will serve as an introductory workshop where the students present their master's project to the class. Expenses for the trip must be calculated .

At the beginning of the semester, the student submits an individual plan for planned study activities related to the development of their own artistic practice / project. The study activities must be linked to the learning objectives in the course and must be approved by the main supervisor.

Obligatorisk undervisningsaktivitet

  • Attendance at the start of the semester.
  • Minimum 4 tutorials , individually or in groups, with main tutor.
  • Submission of individual semester plan at the beginning of the semester, by deadlines given by the department. The semester plan must be approved by the main supervisor.


The module uses the following forms of assessment: Portifolio/folder assessment.

The folder should contain:

  • Semester report; a written account of professional development for the current semester, as well as documentation of professional activity.
  • Oral semester assessment takes place in the form of a 45 -minute conversation with main supervisor and another professor, which ends with the student receiving structured feedback on their own work and progression.

Passed semester assessment is a prerequisite for further studies in the master's program.

Assessment criteria:

  • Individual semester report
  • Oral account of own learning and work effort during the semester assessment.


Pass / Fail.




The module is evaluted every third year according to UiBs quality system for education.


Programstyret har ansvar for fagleg innhald og oppbygging av studiet og for kvaliteten på studieprogrammet med emner.

Administrativt ansvarleg

Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design holds the administrative responsibility for the module and studyprogram.


You are welcome to contact a student advicer: studieveileder.kmd@uib.no or +47 55 58 300.