Nordic Digital Culture Network-emne med BA-oppgåve

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  • UndervisingssemesterVår, Haust
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 Sommer og haust.Uregelmessig,. Emnet blir ikkje gitt hausten 2013


 The summer seminar will take place at either of the participating institutions, announced prior to the application deadline. The three seminar sessions in the fall will take place at UiB.

Mål og innhald

The theme of the seminar will change each year, but will be a topic within digital culture.

Timing of seminar in 2012: Week 34, 20.-24.8.2012, plus 3 sessions at UiB in fall term

Topic in 2012: Digital Materialities (in a broad sense; physical artefacts related to digital content platforms; game packaging and such); digital practices affecting physical environments; physical interaction with media; preservation of cultural heritage etc.; the topic is not meant to be strongly restrictive, good papers may be accepted even though not directly related to the topic.


 Students successfully completing the course will improve skills in writing, oral presentation, and scholarly discourse, will have experience working within an international academic milieu, will have experience of peer review, editorial work, and preparing work for possible publication, and will gain knowledge of contemporary research in digital culture.

Krav til forkunnskapar

 60 ECTS in Digital Culture.

Tilrådde forkunnskapar




Krav til studierett

Application procedure: All undergraduate Digital Culture students with 60+ credits are eligible to apply. Students should submit an abstract of approximately 500 words describing their project, by April 1.

Selection will be based on the quality of the abstracts and on prior performance in Digital Culture courses. Three students from UiB Digital Culture will be selected and will receive Nordplus stipends for travel expenses. These students only will be enrolled in the course.

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

The summer seminar is a weeklong course including students and faculty from all of the participating institutions.

Students will submit and present a paper-in-progress and work with students from other institutions during the week of the joint seminar.

After the seminar, students will work with UiB faculty during three obligatory meetings in the fall term to prepare their papers for evaluation and publication submission. These meetings will be led by the UiB faculty member and include the three participating students at UiB. The meetings will be workshops focused on revisions of the students¿ papers.

Obligatorisk undervisningsaktivitet

 Three obligatory workshops focused on t the revision of the students´ papers.


Assessment will be based on a final paper, approximately 5000 words in length, and a final presentation. The paper will serve as the BA thesis for undergraduates enrolled in the course. One grade will be assigned based on the paper and the oral presentation. The oral presentation can adjust the paper grade by one letter grade.


 A- F




 1000 pages, which will include assigned reading for the summer seminar and specific texts selected for each students individual paper topic.


 Evaluering blir gjennomført i tråd med Universitetet i Bergen sitt kvalitetssikringssystem.