Special Topics in System Dynamics, Methodology

  • Studiepoeng10
  • UndervisingssemesterVår, Haust
  • EmnekodeGEO-SD324
  • Talet på semester1
  • SpråkEnglish
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Studienivå (studiesyklus)



Autumn and spring (irregular)

Mål og innhald

A special curriculum is developed for each student. The course replaces, or come in addition to, other courses normally required for the Master or PhD degree in System Dynamics. The course provides the students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in a problem area not covered by other available courses.


Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:

- Apply system dynamics when exploring new methods of analysis to a dynamic domain of particular interest, thereby preparing the student for work on their Master or PhD thesis

- Adopt an independent and critical attitude towards the course material trough a teaching method that combines lectures, seminars, reading assignments, lab exercises, and/or advisory sessions

- Discuss and apply course materials in paper and in the master thesis/phd

Tilrådde forkunnskapar

Requirements are decided on an individual basis, typical requirements are GEO-SD302, GEO-SD303 and GEO-SD304.

Krav til studierett

Course is open to students only per contract and after appointment with the professors offering the course

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

Lectures, seminars, reading assignments, lab exercises, and/or advisory sessions

Obligatorisk undervisningsaktivitet

Term paper draft and presentation


Term Paper


Grading A-F


Autumn and spring (irregular)


Alle emne blir evaluert i tråd med UiBs kvalitetssystem for utdanning.