Etter- og videreutdanning
Etter- og videreutdanning

Natural Resources Management



Content and aims

During the course students learn to manage a number of natural resources: water reservoirs, fisheries, animal herds, non-renewables and climate, and they learn to operate in product and quota markets. A particular focus is on complications which have led to misperceptions and mismanagement.

The course is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for everybody 25 years or older. Since the course gives full university credit, students below 25 years of age must document minimum entrance requirements for higher education, see below. The course utilizes a number of new online teaching tools to help students develop deep understanding. Study at your own speed answering questions, solving problems, and watching videos.

For a more detailed course description, click the link "Course Description".

For a YouTube trailer, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jtt5AKyVR8&feature=plcp

For further studies in model analysis, see http://www.uib.no/rg/dynamics


The course is taught in English.

Course plan spring 2020:

February 10, 2020: Earliest possible access to the course.
May 19, 2020 from 16:00 to 19:00 Norwegian time: Internet based and written exam.

There is no tuition fee.

Who can apply?

The course is open to students worldwide. It is of interest to regular students, teachers, administrators, managers, politicians and journalists. Applicants must meet the following requirements (Note: students at the University of Bergen should sign up to the parallel course GEO-SD330):

1. Required background knowledge and computer equipment

All applicants are responsible for checking that they have the recommended background knowledge and required computer equipment. Before you go on, download and take the following Readiness-test. Answers to technical questions can be found in the FAQ: http://sddownloads.uib.no/readiness_test/FAQ.pdf

Macintosh: http://sddownloads.uib.no/macintosh/readiness.zip

Windows PCs: http://sddownloads.uib.no/windows/readiness.zip

If you pass the test and are committed to taking the course, we encourage you to apply for the course.

2. Formal requirements

All applicants must meet the following formal requirements:

Norwegian citizens:
Applicants above 25 years of age may be admitted on the basis of prior learning, which needs not be documented.
Applicants below 25 years of age must meet the minimum entrance requirements for higher education (generell studiekompetanse).

All Norwegian applicants must supply their ID number (personnummer) in the application.


Applicants above 25 years of age may be admitted on the basis of prior learning, which needs not be documented.
Applicants below 25 years of age must meet the Higher Education Entrance Qualification for non-Norwegians, which also include language proficiency requirements. See the GSU-list which contains information about what type of basic education you must have to qualify for admission to Norwegian universities:

Non-Norwegian applicants must send a copy of the photo pages of their passport, or other identity documents issued by federal/state/local government agencies provided it contains a photograph and information about date of birth. Please scan and send documentation to: videre@uib.no or to:

Office for Continuing Education, UiB, PO Box 7800, N-5020 BERGEN

How to apply:

Click "Søk plass" / "Sign up"
Non-Norwegians, please remember to first choose language "English" in the menu on the left, bottom.
Please fill inn your full home address (no PO Box numbers). Other zip codes than Norwegian ones must be placed together with the name of the place/town/city where you live.

After deadline, "Søk plass" / "Sign up" will be deactivated and not visible.



For questions on application and admission:

Office for Continuing Education
+47 55 58 20 40


For questions on academic aim and content:

Department of Geography


System Dynamics Group:


  • Klokkeslett for oppstart av skoleeksamen kan endre seg fra kl 09.00 til 15.00 eller vice versa inntil 14 dager før eksamen. Eksamenslokale publiseres 14 dager før eksamen. Kandidatene finner sin egen romplassering på Studentweb 3 dager før eksamen.

  • Vurderingsordning: Online exam

    17.12.2019, 16:00
    3 timer

Tilgjengelege kurs

Vår 2020
Kursdato: 10.02.2020 - 19.05.2020
Pris: Ikkje studieavgift
Søknadsfrist: 02.02.2020