Skrivekurs og prosjektskildring

  • Studiepoeng10
  • UndervisingssemesterHaust
  • EmnekodeGEO310
  • Talet på semester1
  • SpråkEnglish
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Studienivå (studiesyklus)




Mål og innhald

The course get the student to start early with his/her master thesis through writing training and practical insight in the research process. The course aims at offering students more insight in the writing process behind a successful master thesis by working with a project proposal for the future master thesis. The project proposal forms the basis for the master thesis and the allocation of a supervisor.


A student who has completed the course should have the following learning outcomes:


The student

  • can define a research theme at an advanced level and elaborate it into research aims, objectives and research question, and connect theme to applicable theory and methodology aiming at a research based conclusion
  • knows the characteristics of quality research publications and data


The student

  • knows how to carry out a systematic search in the library, in scientific and other data bases
  • can interpret and evaluate data and literature critically
  • can argue scientifically, structure the argumentation and follow good scientific use of references
  • can serve as peer reviewer of other project drafts and proposals
  • can define and frame an independent research project under supervision

General competence

The student

  • can choose a general topic for a geographical research theme, develop it into a research framework with related aims and objectives that can be investigated within various time and resource limits
  • can communicate, both in writing and oral, the design of a geographical research project with related aims, objectives and theory, and masters language and terminology of the geographic field

Krav til forkunnskapar

Tatt opp på Master i geografi eller Master's in Development Geography.


GEO300 - 5 ects

Krav til studierett

Reserved for Master in Geography or Master's in Resources and Human Adaptations. GEO310 is obligatory for both Master's in Resources and Human Adaptations and Master¿s program in Geography.

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

Lectures, seminars and assignment in a 2 week intensive course in August/September.

Total: 4-5 lectures á 2 hours pr. week - 9 lectures

1 seminar with presentations in December


Obligatorisk undervisningsaktivitet

Two assignments: During the first phase of the course in August, a 'thought paper' (1-2 pages: first week) with the aim to elaborate theme, perspective and argument, and a project draft (4-6 pages: second week) which seeks to develop the project towards a scientific problem, including important references. Oral seminar presentation (30 minutes)


A project description of 10-12 pages, containing an elaborate description of theme, aim/justification of the project, scientific problem, and a brief outline of research design, methodology and planned schedule.


Grading: Pass/fail


Assessment in teaching semester


Alle emne blir evaluert i tråd med UiBs kvalitetssystem for utdanning.


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