BA 1 Four Notions on Photography

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Mål og innhald

Students are expected to develop they own projects, present their works, and participate actively in conversations

and field trips.

Week 1: Photography and Body

During this first week we will be looking at photography in relation to the body. When did photography capture thefirst bodies? How does the body work in relation to the camera? what does it mean to be in front or behind it? when

were the first selfies? why do we keep taking them? We will experiment with different bodies and cameras, discuss,

shot, process, and print. Guest artists will come to the course and present their work.

Week 2: Photography and Chance

The second week is dedicated to chance. When do we press the button? for how long? how many times? When do we

miss a shot? what does require a photograph to be a photograph? We will analyse photography in relation to repetition

and uniqueness. We will experiment with different techniques that can and cannot be reproduced, both in digital and

analogue photography.

Week 3: Photography and Text

Third week is centered on text. What happens when a photograph has no text? what can be written about a

photograph? How does a text frame a photograph or how does a photograph frame a text? Artists have been working

in different ways to combine both. We will create different narratives, look at artist books, visit exhibitions, and see

how text and photographs are very powerful tools that can transform each other.

Week 4: Photography and Archive

The fourth and last week focuses on archives. Where are all these photographs going? What do we do with all these

new and old photos? Do we look back? We will visit different archives, look at many photographs from various periods

and discuss their processes and techniques. We will talk about archiving your material, both analogue and digital. We

will invite photography conservators and see how an archive is activated by artists and by other researchers form

different disciplines.

Undervisningsformer og omfang av organisert undervisning

Lectures, individual guidance, field trips, historical contextualization, experiments with analogue and digital

techniques, direct contact of students with professional artists, archivists, guidance from idea, to realization, to

presentation and discussion.


Adria Julia