Photographic Archeologies 1

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Mål og innhald

This seminar will probe into the material and cultural substance that made up Photography during its initial stages in the 19th century. We will experiment with some chemical components used in the attempted and failed standardization of photographic production. Regardless of ¿unsuccessful¿ results, these experiments are important to understand the subsequent development of photography into mass consumption and industrial production. Central to the seminar will be the study of the different layers or strata that compose this geology of trial and error. We will have guests in the form of chemists, scientists, historians, and artists sharing their research and their failures. Students are collectively expected to venture into these unsuccessful photographic stories and histories. Through it all, the classroom will be quite literally transformed into a laboratory of vanishing images.

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There will be direct cross-experimentation and contextualization of archaic photographic processes.


Adrià Julià