BA 1: CLAY: Experiments in building a knowing - doing, failing, thinking

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Mål og innhald

During this course you will be introduced to the initial technical information to begin working with clay with an experimental focus. The goal of the workshop is not to make finished works; rather to create an understanding of and connection to the material and its possibilities.

We will investigate the potential of the material in its different stages (powder, liquid, plastic, dry, fired) for a host of purposes and expressions though a collection of individual and group tasks, experiments, techniques and questionings.

The course is structured to gradually develop a holistic understanding (basic/basis for future working) of what clay is, some surface treatments, coupled with an introduction to constructing with clay and equipment. There will also be an introduction to using plaster to make simple moulds and experiments with sculpture.

This will all be done with and emphasis on thinking through doing and hands on material responsiveness, via group and individual experimenting and finding your own route/relationship with the material. Failing and learning as a symbiotic relationship is encouraged.

Historical and conceptual material will be a focus for group discussion/investigation and workshop will include individual and group tutorials.

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Hands on experimenting

Technical demonstrations

Tasks and assignments

Group and individual discussions and tutorials

Group text investigations and historical/theoretical contexts specific to clay and ceramics


Corrina Thornton