By hand and tool: clay, process and mark making

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Mål og innhald

The focus of this workshop will be in developing an understanding of the power and possibilities of marking clay, be it as a result of a process or figuratively narrative; all marks are welcome for inclusion.

Students will experiment with and investigate various modes and methods of mark making and clay. By hand and tool is process driven with hands on experimentation, group discussion and text reading.

We will begin with some technical demonstrations of mono printing on clay with slips, working into plaster for mark making templates and handmade tool developing.

After covering the technical aspects students apply them to their own practices and develop their work alongside and in discussion with the others in the workshop. We will also discuss and read related texts, using the group as a resource for understanding and investigating the related contextual theories together referring and coming from our individual practices.

The course is open to all with or without working with clay before and is open to experimentation via clay in an open attitude to expression, be it based in:

- Painting

- Throwing

- Printmaking

- Casting

- Drawing

- Sculpture

- Instillation

- Performance

- Video

- and so on, you are welcome to join.

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Undervisningsformer og omfang av organisert undervisning

- Demonstrations

- Hands on experiementation

- Group discussion

- Text reading and group work


Corrina Thornton