Object Journeys

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Developing objects in artistic practice

Since Marcel Duchamp´s work Fountain introduced the readymade in the early 20th century, object appropriation has become an important method for many artists to develop art practices that connect to topics and narratives concerning everything from temporality and materiality to commodity culture, politics and identity. The question of the object is also part of a fundamental philosophical discourse that has re-gained relevance in our time as urgent matters might demand new ideas about place, ecology, identity and technology.

How do we include objects in our art practices? Can we control the agency of objects we include? What is an authentic object? How do gestures of transformation affect the status of an object? Is there a boundary between an image and an object?

The course will offer a take on how to understand and work with objects as an artist. With background in the student´s practices and a number of examples we will investigate the transformative aspect of bringing objects of various origins into an art practice. It will build on the alchemical notion of transformation, but will expand on our understanding of objects in relation to to their context and how they are mediated. We will touch upon topics like, authenticity, instrumentality, ruination, archiving, allegory, mediation and materiality

During the course we will explore gestures of transformation such as juxtaposition, displacement, disintegration,

mediation, activation, destruction. And also physical means of transformation such as cutting, grinding, sanding,

pulverizing, layering, copying, etc,

The task for participating students will be to locate objects, identify them and integrate them into their art practice (or an art context), exploring methods and gestures of transformation.

The course is a reflection of the course Alchemic Matters and it is suggested that both courses are attended.

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