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Mål og innhald

BLOW-UP! is a 1 week exploratory project wherein students are encouraged to conceptualise ideas through a series of interventions, actions and mock ups.

Engaging with theories of play, lateral thinking, systematic brainstorming and effective creativity students will

examine their MA project research in a lively and inventive atmosphere. Ranging from established theorists such as Edward De Bono, to Brian Eno¿s Oblique Strategies, to the notion of Serious Play this course will introduce creative theory in a relevant design context wherein we can apply these ideas like a metaphorical hammer to the complexity of your project and see what happens!

We will take students through a series of concept development exercises in both sketch and model form, the result of which will be an inventive expose of new ideas in a rough and ready undigested format¿ the outcome will be new ways of seeing, new strategies and poetic ideas. Mistakes, misconceptions and accidents are actively encouraged as a design methodology, helping students unpick their research and discover new trajectories, possibilities and potentials for their projects.

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Johann Sagan