To research, to Iterate, to make form

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Bring to class something that resonates with you.

This can be anything: an object, a book, a song,

an essay, a video/film, etc, etc. It can be serious,

it can be absurd, it can be fun, it can be difficult,

it can be unique, it can be reproducible, it can

be important, it can be useless, it can be anything which exists that you have a curiosity to engage with.

The only limitation is that if what you choose is physical, you must be able to physically bring it

to class (i.e. you can¿t choose a rocket-ship, though you can choose a model or photo of a rocket-ship, but then the full

context of it being a model/photo will be an important aspect of your selection); if it¿s

a piece of media (audio, photo, video), you must be able to show it in either part or in full. You simply must prove to

have constant access to and ease of transportation for what you¿ve chosen.

What you choose doesn¿t need to be connected to your thesis project. However, if you feel strongly about making a

connection to it, my suggestion is to find something which links to it peripherally instead of directly.

At the beginning of our first class, you will spend 3¿5 min presenting what you chose and why.

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Johann Sagan