MAKU 2 Writing: Alena Alexandrova

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Writing, Alena Alexandrova

Practical issues related to research and writing will be addressed in the writing workshop. The writing of an MA text which is a challenging task that means engaging with ideas, images, objects, and contexts and understanding and re- imagining them. The writing workshop and the individual tutorials are designed to help the students to develop skills to formulate relevant questions, which strengthen their artistic practices, and simultaneously allow them to position their work in a broader context. Next to conceptualising and contextualising key issues in their practises, the students gradually develop a voice of their own. In addition to the lecture- seminar and the writing workshops there will be individual tutorials for which the students can sign up every month. 

MA text: Ongoing individual research and writing of drafts to be discussed in the writing workshop and individual tutorials.(2nd,3rd and 4th semester)

Course leader: Alena Alexandrova