Painting Practice

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  • EmnekodeKMD-MAL-208
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Mål og innhald

The space of the canvas: materiality and artifice

We will investigate the space of the canvas both in terms of representational and abstract painting and the physical properties of the materials used to compose these spaces. And we will also look into the history of how this space has been used conceptually and ideologically throughout history. This section will mainly deal with materiality and artifice. In this discussion and reading group we will make direct reference to Hal Foster¿s The Return of the Real which is opposed to the assumption that contemporary art is somehow belated, he argues that the avant-garde returns to us from the future, repositioned by innovative practice in the present. And he poses this retroactive model of art and theory against the reactionary undoing of progressive culture that is pervasive today.

Krav til forkunnskapar

Students must work with painting and/or drawing in some form in their practice and be in the process of developing their artwork and open to discussion.

Undervisningsformer og omfang av organisert undervisning

Workshops, lectures, tutorials, screenings.


Eamon O`Kane