Nomadic Structures

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Mål og innhald

Nomadic Structures- ProtoStudio: The development of a modular mobile studio which can be used in the landscape as a research space for developing artwork and discourse around ecology and the environment.

The first phase was involved building JOY Forum a public gallery space which is now used for student exhibitions.

The next phase will be to develop ideas for a mobile outdoor studio and begin building models and prototypes.

The workshop will involve using Google Sketchup and model making to design different model ideas. Then building some of these 1:1 in wood and testing them in spaces outside and inside the building.

The workshop is intended to stimulate ideas around the history of studio practice in relation to painting/drawing and other media and enable a critical discourse regarding contexts of production, reflection and dissemination.


i) relate your practice to the broader context of contemporary art practices and historical precedents;

ii) recognise personal strengths and weaknesses and employ relevant and appropriate working strategies;

iii) gain knowledge and understanding through direct experience of the relevance of different forms of presentation;

iv) identify and synthesise the connections between processes and ideas;

v) identify and analyse relevant sources to inform your practice and develop conceptual skills;

vi) evaluate, discuss and critically reflect upon your own art and the art of others;

vii) interact with others through collaboration, negotiation and group discussion

Krav til forkunnskapar

Students should have some knowledge of building models and working with tools.

Undervisningsformer og omfang av organisert undervisning

Lectures, Hands on workshops and discussion


Eamon O`Kane