The Pirat Seminar

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Mål og innhald

Delving into the ideological promises and shortcomings of capitalism and socialism, The Pirate

Seminar will engage philosophies and manifestations of Pirate Culture in order to redirect our

attention toward what Stavros Stavrides terms "common life". From appropriations of consumer

goods and services to illegal broadcasting and new models of democratic work, Pirate Culture will be

examined as the basis for resisting systems of capitalistic exploitation as well as undoing the

dominating state structures of socialism. Instead, through readings and discussions into anarchy, DIY

labor, open media, free culture, gifting and commoning, we`ll work towards new understandings of

living together within today`s deeply fraught globalism. Importantly, we`ll consider artistic practice as

the basis for fostering methods of self-organization.

The seminar will run through the first half of the spring term, with each session focusing on specific

topics and cultural examples. We`ll conclude the course with an intensive three-day Pirate Lab (week

11) during which we`ll undertake a collective act of participatory self-building.