LIGHT - Sculpting the video image

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Mål og innhald

The fundamental component of anything visual is light. When creating images within the media of

photography and video, one works with the effects of natural and artificial light sources. Adjusting

how much light goes through the lens and adding or removing lamps; blocking, reflecting, focusing or

defusing light - is all about creating the desired aesthetic of the image.

In this course, we will work in the video studio, and give the student a practical and analytical toolkit

to work with the lighting equipment that the school has to offer. We will look at how to create space,

texture and color in the image, and work with setting light on people, architecture and objects. There

will also be time to look at lighting for green screen as well as keying and compositing images.

Along the way, we will look at examples of artwork, across the mediums of installation, performance,

film and video - and explore how one can sculpt the work with the tools of light.