The Voice Seminar

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What does it mean to speak, and how does voice work to define us as subjects? If voice is the thing that mediates

between inner life and the world around, how does it sound within our contemporary global condition? Is the voice

under new forms of pressure today? The seminar sets out to unfold the voice as a performative act deeply connected

to issues of identity, social and political representation, testimonial work, language and embodiment. Through four

sessions over the course of the semester, voice will be explored as an extremely complicated project ¿ as a thing held

between language and the body. This will lead to a deeper engagement with four vocal modalities: the whisper, the

stutter, the testimony, and the laugh. Through these forms of vocalization, voice will be probed as a dynamic material

and act by which to nurture as well as challenge relations. Further, we¿ll consider how voice operates within artistic,

performative and sonic practices, and how it may contribute to forms of narrative and counter-narrative.


Knowledge of voice as a poetic and political issue.

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