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Mål og innhald

From diaries to morning rituals, day to day routines to forms of ongoing rehearsal, questions of art¿s relation to daily life will be explored in this workshop. Through a series of examples drawn from the history of conceptual, minimal and narrative art, along with reflections on the contemporary creative worker, the aim of the workshop is to develop ideas in regards to students¿ artistic works and labors reframed as a long-term diary. How do the everyday matters of friendships, errands, home-life and other practical activities influence what we make and present as artists? Can we understand our artistic activities as forming a ¿life diary¿ capturing the mundane movements and small struggles of being in the world?

The workshop is run by Brandon LaBelle and guest artist Riccardo Benassi, whose project Daily Desiderio will form a critical backdrop to our investigations. Daily Desiderio is an ever-changing public intervention by Riccardo Benassi located in Milan. The work is based on the fact that the artist committed himself to write and broadcast a new text message for every single day of his life, till the end. When the artist will die the messages will start again to be projected within the sculpture, from the first one, in a loop. The work therefore can

be understood as a daily diary disguised as sculpture.

Through the workshop we will identify as well as imagine forms of art that draw from our daily activities, as well as speculate upon what we might call ¿daily art¿, understanding aesthetics, as Gerald Raunig reminds, as a gesture of making a beautiful life.

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