the Pirate Sound Lab

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Mål og innhald

The workshop focuses on questions of sound and listening, and how these relate to practices of collaboration. Sound will be understood as a shared medium that enables forms of sociability and ¿common-ability¿: the capacity to foster conditions of radical sharing. Common-ability locates us within a space of togetherness and leads to practices of ¿forming kinship¿ with the matters of the world, from things and materialities to bodies and creatures.

To explore these ideas, we will utilize the form of a Party as a creative device: festivity, social gathering, having fun, decorating and DJing ¿ the Party will allow us to experiment with common-ability, creating a space for reworking conditions of singularity, loneliness and precarity. We will work through notions of hospitality and hosting, identity performance and community, felt experiences and the potentialities of new intimacy, all of which are active in a party. The Party forms a creative and energetic field of imagination that is equally a socio-material work that is actively shaped by musicality and the joy of listening.

The workshop focuses on sound as a way to capture states of common-ability. We will work as a group, identifying aspects of our surroundings to collaborate with: the building will become a partner in experimenting with audio recording, DJ software, performative gestures, and finally, the presentation of a Party: we will work together in ¿throwing a Party¿, where expressions of DJing will act as a general aesthetic and performative method: the DJ as a figure that produces kinship with a range of sonic matters, moving from composition towards socio-material compositioning. This will allow us to deepen understandings of sound as a common matter migrating across bodies and things, creatures and networks, and how it may perform as an artistic framework for expanded practices, identities and ¿more than social movements¿.

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Discursive reflection and group discussion, hands on work and audio activity


Brandon Labelle