The Articulating Body

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Mål og innhald

Today¿s capitalist systems colonize and govern our subjectivity on the micropolitical levels of desire and imagination. They disconnect us from our sensing and knowing bodies, leading towards instability, apathy and an-aesthesia (Greek: an-aesth¿sis: without sensation). It is a condition that smooths the way for manipulation, and shows itself, for example, in the recent rebirth of forms of fascism, racism, populism and more.

Countering trends of reactionary an-aesthesia, The Articulating Body is an intensive workshop that aims to create a temporal alternative space for experiencing a micropolitical and a holistic making of differences as practices of resilience, disobedience and resistance. This will include exploring diverse forms of performing discourse and discussion, as well as engaging in specific somatic methods, such as Social Presencing Theatre and Biodanza. Through such activities the workshop will aim at crafting embodied knowledge and relational sensibilities that can assist in enduring and embracing moments of instability and the unfamiliar.

The workshop is organized over two days, and is structured around two encounters:

The first encounter unfolds in a participatory discursive meal exploring particular philosophical questions; the second encounter will lead us through the holistic methods of Social Presencing Theatre and Biodanza to activate and articulate our knowing bodies.

We will aspire towards sharpening our senses for an active micropolitics, and towards germinating new forms of being together that momentarily allow us to reflect, to re-feel and undo a reactionary an-aesthesia.

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Discussion and group reflection; hands-on movement lab


Brandon Labelle