SCI-FI BINGE READING CLUB: - Theme: morphing biology

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Mål og innhald

This expanded seminar offers a space to explore the ideas and inspiration that speculative narrative fiction can bring to your artistic practise.

A focus for this space will be how we READ - TOGETHER. We will set up an experiment, with the aim to read whole books (or big chunks of books) together, over some compressed and time-bent sessions. The reading will be interspersed it with bits of screening, mini presentations and sharing of food and reflections. So be prepared for a more immersive, out-of-normal-hours format.

For this semester the reading club will focus on science fiction that explores morphing biology and evolutionary

craziness ¿ from the microscopic to the tectonic. Nature (including our own species) takes on new and unexpected forms ¿ and the boundaries between technology/body/architecture/cell/sound vibration/landscape blurs out.

We will start with:

Greg Bear ¿ ¿Blood Music¿ and Octavia Butler ¿Lilith¿s Brood¿ (Xenogenisis #1-3)

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Reading and group discussion


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