Circus in Situ

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  • UndervisingssemesterHaust
  • EmnekodeKMD-PER-205
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Mål og innhald

This course is a Performance Event, organised by Lilibeth Cuenca and Frans Jacobi, somewhere outside of KMD.

Each semester Circus in Situ will happen at a new location in Bergen. The aim is to challenge students to prepare and perform a

Performance, in a given situation. The context will be connected with a theme, that the students will work with in the days leading up to

the performance. The day after the performance-event we will evaluate the results in a group-critique.


Practical performative experience

Krav til forkunnskapar

A desire to perform

Undervisningsformer og omfang av organisert undervisning

Preparations, group-discussions, evaluation.