Slow Monsters, Fast Devices

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Mål og innhald

Slow Monsters, Fast Devices is the first of three workshops, set up by Soren Thilo Funder, setting out to elaborate on and experiment with notions of creating new narratives in political art practices. The workshops are thought of as extensions to his artistic research project THE HORROR OF THE DROP, but really extension in the sense of off-brood, deformity, hellspawn, intruder and welcomed foreign agent in a transmutating body.

Krav til forkunnskapar


Undervisningsformer og omfang av organisert undervisning

The workshop will be rooted in practice-based research. We will look at the socio-political qualities of this moment in time, but also importantly at the very apparatuses we use for this looking and the distribution of looks. Together we will read, watch, discuss, experiment and produce. All in no hierarchical order. The different forms of knowledge collected from different forms of approach hopefully informing and enriching one another.


Søren Thilo Funder