Art in Urban Context

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Mål og innhald

Working from the position of artist driven & initiated works inserted into the

urban context; in both public and private space - Outside the Domain of the

Institution. The city as an experimental lab, as the raw material ¿ utilizing its very

complexities, to navigate, explore, investigate and comprehend from new and

changed perspectives; disorientation is routinely applied ¿ taking theory into


Project includes a mix of the following:

¿ Mapping, with reference to Situationism, the Flaneur, Fluxus, Agit Prop &


¿ Artist strategies, as tools to realising innovative thinking.

¿ Performative workshop (invisible Theatre, Boal¿)

¿ Nomadic systems; questions of transience/permanence.

¿ The collective/the group/the collaborative.

¿ Place/Site/Location/Address/X: content carriers.

¿ Liminal space.

¿ Mapping Meal.

¿ Walking as art process

¿ Discussion of relevant articles

¿ Lecture series

¿ Visit to Bergen¿s underground

¿ Audience identifying/building

Krav til forkunnskapar

This project draws upon individual students individual knowledges/experiences, all of which can be resourced within the concept of Art in Urban Context.

Specifically: installation/sculpture/performance; site specific/site sensitive/contextual; theories which relate to these (Situationism etc) - in all using whatever mediums/disciplines are relevant to the contextual concepts.

Undervisningsformer og omfang av organisert undervisning


inclusive: participatory - relational aesthetics/mapping/situationism/ destruction art theory: Gustav Metzger/oblique strategies/etc.


Richard Launder