Reading/Discussion Seminar - Relational Spontaneity: Carolee Schneeman and the Borderless Body

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Mål og innhald

Screening: Up To and Including Her Limits (29 mins) 1976; Meat Joy (5 min, excerpt) 1964; Interior

Scroll - The Cave (7 mins) 1975-1995; Infinity Kisses - The Movie (9 mins) 2008. Reading: More than

Meatjoy Carolee Schneemann 1964

Beauty is adhesive, it`s sticky. There`s also the traditional mind-body split. In order to be intellectually

dependable, you can`t have a voluptuous, luscious, erotic body, because the split is between

intelligence and sexuality.


It has to do with a sensitized situation in which the participants practice relational spontaneity. I never have anyone enact anything that I wouldn`t do myself. There`s no separation between me and the performers. There`s no hierarchy except that it`s my vision, and the participants must want to be a part of it.

Note: Requirement for seminar: Read and be prepared to discuss text.