Reading/Discussion Seminar - Forgetting the Future: robert Smithson and the Opening of Art

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Mål og innhald

Screening: The Spiral Jetty, (30 mins) Robert Smithson 1970; Reading: Entropy and the New

Monuments, Robert Smithson 1966.

"The new monuments seem to cause us to forget the future. Instead of being made of natural materials, such as marble, granite, plastic, chrome and electric light. they are not built for the ages but rather against the ages. they are involved in a systematic reduction of time down to the fractions of seconds, rather than in representing the long spaces of centuries. Both past and future are placed into the objective present. This kind of time has little or no space, it is stationary and without movement, it is going nowhere, it is anti-Newtonian, as well as being instant and is against the wheels of the time-clock.

Note: Requirement for seminar: Read and be prepared to discuss text.