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"The installations now being made all over the world are of two different types: first, there is the installation that is essentially a collection of objects, of which one large object is composed; second, there is the installation that rejects, or claims to reject, the object as a matter of principle but nevertheless completely transforms space and is the principal agent of such transformation."

"Many are wary of the fact that to some extent installation represents an intrusion of orthodoxy into the territory of a modernist or postmodernist world picture-not only in the realm of visual representation, but in the arena of social life in general. I am referring to Guy Debord's society of the spectacle, or, in newer terminology, the "society of the installation." Televangelists, political and financial institutions, mass media, advertising, and so on-all, without exception, try to instill certain ideological constructs, identity frames, and images of desire in our consciousness. Thus, the consumers of visual representations become easy prey for those who would force

spiritual, political, or material salvation on them."

The artists Ilya Kabakov, Margarita Tupitsyn and Victor Tupitsyn discuss the function of Installation art from ritualistic endeavor verses capitalist consumption to the autonomy of installation productions through artistic anonymity.

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