Critical Engagements With The Archive

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Mål og innhald

The aim of the course is to take artworks and artistic practices as starting points for an engagement with questions of the archive (physical, conceptual, individual, collective).

Through a week-long series of lectures, discussions and presentations, students will be introduced to a range of artistic approaches to working with historical material.

More theoretical material will be introduced during the study day at the end of the week, which we hope will expand our understanding of this complex topic but at the same time also be rigorously challenged by the examples of practice we will by then have already explored.

Learning outcomes

Students will be introduced to questions of the archive, and into some of the significant contributions that artists make to both producing and challenging representations of the past.

The course will familiarise them with some of the artworks that have most significantly contributed to this discourse, and also with key theoretical texts.

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Monday - Thursday: Lectures, presentations and discussions. Friday: Seminar.


Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa