Introduksjon i tekstil: vev

  • Studiepoeng5
  • UndervisingssemesterHaust
  • EmnekodeMEME101
  • Talet på semester1
  • SpråkNorsk / English.
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Studienivå (studiesyklus)



Full time.




Campus Møllendal at UiB.

Mål og innhald

This is one of four medium and method based modules that students must choose from.

This module introduces fundamental principles, basic technical understanding and subject contextualisation, in respect of constructed (woven) textiles, towards facilitating autonomous and creative practice in the workshops.

Learning and teaching is practice-based and holistic, combining a variety of direct and sustained hands-on engagement supported by contextual reference.

Programme objectives include introduction to several basic and more advanced methods of weaving, including the use of both analogue and digital interfaces. Activity will include the preparation and handling of warps for weaving, and their setting-up in different loom types. A mixture of individual and small group working will facilitate shared learning and embedding of practical knowledge and understanding.

While there will not be the opportunity to execute full finished works during the learning period, the programme will ensure principal grounding in and connection with the subject and its possibilities.

Safe and efficient use of all tools and materials will be embedded throughout the programme.


Studenten skal ved avslutta emne ha følgjande læringsutbytte:


  • Broad knowledge of key principles and theories of practices, in (woven) textile construction.
  • Basic knowledge of the history and traditions of the field of textiles.
  • Broad contextual awareness of contemporary professional and research developments in the field.


  • Understanding of a range of practical approaches and tools that might be relevant to personal project ideas.
  • Awareness of sources of information, and how to employ these in updating personal knowledge and understanding.

General Competence:

  • Tacit skills in handling basic tools, materials and techniques with broad competence.
  • Cognitive skills in reflection and application of knowledge through practice and in relation to personal project ideas.
  • Intellectual skills in identifying and building connections between subject matter and related cultural contexts.

Krav til forkunnskapar


Tilrådde forkunnskapar


Krav til studierett

This module requires admission to the Bachelor's Programme in Fine Art and is offered to students in their first semester.

Master`s students in Fine Art also can apply for admission to this module, but bachelor's students are prioritized.

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

  • Demonstrations
  • Self-directed studio practice
  • Peer critique
  • Individual tutoring
  • Digital learning (some technical workshops / contextualization).

Obligatorisk undervisningsaktivitet

Oral presentation(s), either individual or in a group learning enviroment (max. 20 min).

(Compulsory assignment and attandance must be approved for the student to enter the exam)


A summative "portfolio" of practical course work.



Passed / Not passed.

Bestått / ikkje bestått.




The module is evaluated every third year in accordance with UiB's Quality System.


Programstyret har ansvar for fagleg innhald og oppbygging av studiet og for kvaliteten på studieprogrammet med emner.

Administrativt ansvarleg

Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design holds the administrative responsibility for the module and studyprogram.


Study Adviser can be contacted here: studierettleiar.kmd@uib.no or 55587300