Mediert Evidentia

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Studienivå (studiesyklus)



Full time.




Campus Møllendal at UiB.

Mål og innhald

This is a project based module with a focus on how to mediate facts from reality.

In an experimental process specific events are investigated and analysed. Various formats of mediation are presented and discussed through examples of other artists works. Presentations and discussions form the discursive part, on the basis of which each student create artworks, mediating the chosen events.

The module includes various individual and/or group presentations of results.


Extended focus and insight into artistic reflection on historic and contemporary events . Through the development of an individual and/or a group project the student will aquire experimental and practical knowledge of art as a discursive media.


Learning Outcome


  • An in depth insight into and understanding of the relation between reality and mediation.
  • Advanced experience with various formats of mediation of facts.


  • In depth experimental practical knowledge from the development of artistic projects dealing with evidential matter.

General Competence:

  • To use art as a lense to perceive reality.

Krav til forkunnskapar


Tilrådde forkunnskapar


Krav til studierett

This module requires admission to the Bachelor's Programme in Fine Art.

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer

Projekt arbeide,


individuel research,






gruppe diskussioner,



Obligatorisk undervisningsaktivitet

A: Introduksjon

B: Midtveis-gruppediskussion

C: Avsluttende muntlig presentasjon for gruppen


Individuell- eller gruppeinnlevering av kunstnerisk verk.


Passed / Not passed.

Bestått / ikkje bestått.




The module is evaluated every third year in accordance with UiB's Quality System.


Programstyret har ansvar for fagleg innhald og oppbygging av studiet og for kvaliteten på studieprogrammet med emner.

Administrativt ansvarleg

Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design holds the administrative responsibility for the module and studyprogram.

Annen informasjon

Utfyllande semesteromtale

Mediated Evidentia is a project-based workshop with

David Rych, associate professor New Media

26.09.2022 10:00 - 11:00 Information meeting

27. - 30.09. tba Lectures and excursions

10. - 14.10. Study trip to Abisko Scientific Research Station

14.- 18.11. tba Project work and exhibiting results

The course is limited to 15 students.


Today we are aware that a catastrophic crisis is not a scenario of the distant future, but that the intensification of weather-related disasters such as bushfires, hurricanes, floods and heatwaves are already affecting us in real terms. Not only has humanity caused the extinction of numerous animal and plant species and irrevocably damaged the planet's ecological systems, but our way of life is also undermining the conditions for our own survival. In line with the scientific perspective, more and more artists believe that our civilisation has reached a critical threshold.

This course raises the question of how art can engage in this highly urgent discussion of our time. How can we mediate scientific facts through artistic means, and how can artists collaborate with scientists?

One of the aims of the course is to broaden our perception of these pressing issues by working for a week in a transmedial and collaborative approach on site at the Abisko Scientific Research Station. This study trip is an essential part of the course in week 41 and compulsory for all participants as we will develop projects on site. At the station students will gain insight into the methods and ethics of environmental research in the context of climate science and art engaged in this field.

Students will be encouraged to participate in fieldwork and to create and document projects that will be discussed in the group in order to build and deepen a critical dialogue in the context of climate research and art working in this field. The study trip focuses on artists' experience and perception of the Arctic landscape as an active situatedness that transforms physical conditions and phenomenological situations into political and/or poetic artistic actions. The findings will be presented in an exhibition format, at KMD or in an online exposition.

The Abisko Scientific Research Station can be reached by train via Stockholm and from there via Abisko Östra, the nearest railway station, which is within walking distance. Student travel and accommodation costs are covered by the course budget, only the meals have to be organised by the participants themselves.


Study Adviser can be contacted here: studierettleiar.kmd@uib.no or 55587300