Fjord and Coastal Ecology

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Fjord view from R/V "Kristine Bonnevie"

We study environmental influences on individuals, species, populations and ecosystems, with an emphasis on the marine environment.

In our studies, we use classical taxonomical and marine ecological field methods, but we also benefit from access to modern technology in ocean science and advanced molecular biological analysis. We have a long tradition of empirical studies using fieldwork and experiments, including research on benthic communities and of how nursery environments shape life history and behaviour of fish.

Our research topics are growth, and physiological and genetic adaptations, distribution patterns, trophic interactions, and how environmental variations and climate changes affect life histories and habitat use.  This involves interactions between mesopelagic fish and crustaceans, and their coupling with the deep benthic communities, and macroalgal taxonomy and adaptations to a changing climate, parasitic taxonomy and ecological interactions.

Our members have strong research collaborations with researchers at the Institute of Marine Research, the University of Western Cape, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography UCSD, the State University of New York, and the University of Copenhagen.

The group was established in 2021 and the aim was to increase the visibiliy of research activities we do in fjords and on the coast.

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