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Anthony Acheampong

Anthony Acheampong has a Bachelor of arts in political science and sociology. He is currently writing his thesis on the advocacy coalition approach to local content policy, a case study of the contributions of civil society on the oil and gas sector of Ghana

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the program has proved accommodating with courses and schedule designed to ease students from different backgrounds into the system
Why did you choose the Master's program in Public Administration to further your studies?
The master's program in public administration program aims at equipping students with higher analytical skills and abilities to diagnose and analyze policy issues at every sphere of governance. As a political science student, I sought to gain in-depth understanding in policy issues, and I believe the masters in public administration presents the appropriate program that will elevate my knowledge, build my confidence, and open a clear path to pursue my career objectives in my chosen field of interest.
How has the transition from Bachelor to Master level studies been?
It was challenging in the earlier stages given that I was coming from a different academic setting. The study methods and approach were different and modern. However, the program has proved accommodating with courses and schedule designed to ease students from different backgrounds into the system. Now I consider myself a fully integrated student abreast with expectations and capable of utilizing available opportunities and skills for my development.
How have you developed academically while attending the Master's program in Public Administration?
Definitely! Through course work I have gained in-depth knowledge that enables me to draw from a wide array of theories including institutional and interest based ones to explain policy processes. Also, the courses in research methodology has been very effective in equipping me with the skills and analytical tools necessary for pursuing future higher studies and attaining relevant job in the field.
What is the subject of your master's thesis? Why did you choose this topic?
Advocacy Coalition Approach to Local Content Policy: Assessing the Civil Society's contribution to Ghana's Oil and Gas Sector.
As a field of interest I am curious in issues relating to how policies emerge, their outcomes, the actors involved and why actors behave the way they do in a policy process. Further oil is new to the Ghana’s resource industry, and it represents the current focus of attention for both the government and citizens with regards to the country’s development agenda. My curiosity about how this resource is governed towards the benefit of the country's citizenry in the face of potential resource curse problem has informed my topic to assess how the civil society as an avenue for citizen participation affect policy making in the sector.
What is your best memory from studying at the Master's program so far?
The first time I took a school exam without writing on a sheet of paper.
Why should new applicants choose the Master's Program in Public Administration?
The master's program in public administration draws from both theoretical and empirical research to develop knowledge of and insight into relationships between organizations and individuals, as well as the environment. This overarching goal aside, the program is practical and concise in terms of course work and assignments which ensure that at the end of ones study, students are equipped with higher analytical skills and abilities needed to analyze governance and policy issues, as well as function effectively in the modern administrative setup. It has been highly beneficial to me so far and I encourage students seeking to further their academic development to pursue the program. I am very sure that in the end they will not be disappointed but rather emerge as confident and capable students ready to take on the next challenge in their career aspirations.
Why should new applicants come to Bergen, and the University of Bergen?
I allude to the notion that as a path to career development, higher education does not only equip one with requisite skills, but it also presents an opportunity to learn about oneself and the world around us. The University of Bergen with its international credentials continue to demonstrate that it is prepared to invest in talent and accommodates diversity. Thus, it presents the fertile ground that prepares and develops students around the world for their desired higher purpose. Studying at the university also give students the opportunity to meet, work and forge everlasting friendships with fellow students from different parts of the world. Such opportunities coupled with unique experiences in the beautiful city of Bergen with its magnificent landscape makes the journey worthy of taking. I therefore encourage prospective students to choose the University of Bergen as their academic destination.
Do you have any tips for new Master's Students?
Bring along your water proof jacket and be prepared to have fun both inside and outside the classroom.