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Bheki Dlamini

Bheki Dlamini has a bachelors degree in social science. He is currently writing his thesis on the role of external actors on the process of democratization in Swaziland.

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I will never forget this incredible moment to share knowledge and experiences with this very diverse group from all over the world.
Why did you choose the Master's program in Public Administration to further your studies?
I am under the Students at risk whereby one is not given the leeway to choose a university or study program. But this MPA fitted well into my Academic background and it is providing me with policy skills that I would possibly use once we achieve democracy in Swaziland
How has the transition from Bachelor to Master level studies been?
It has not been difficult for me even though before taking this MPA I had been out of class for many years. I did not have serious academic challenges with the program.
How have you developed academically while attending the Master's program in Public Administration?
The program has helped me develop analytical and research skills.
What is the subject of your master's thesis? Why did you choose this topic?
Democratization in Swaziland;the role of external actors. I chose this topic because I am a political activist fighting for democracy in Swaziland. Our struggle generates less interest from the international community, even from those who proclaim to be promoters of democracy abroad. The international community continues to support the repressive monarchy in Swaziland. As a student of MPA it is interesting to note that the regime type influence the type of policies that exists in a country.
What is your best memory from studying at the Master's program so far?
My colleagues, the seminars and of course my instructors (professors). I will never forget this incredible moment to share knowledge and experiences with this very diverse group from all over the world
Why should new applicants choose the Master's Program in Public Administration?
Those who want to be policy analysts, policy makers, civil servants and activists who are working for civil society organizations. This is a good program that will sharpen your theoretical understanding of the public policy world.
Why should new applicants come to Bergen, and the University of Bergen?
Bergen is a lovely and small city. Everything is around the corner. The university of Bergen for me is the Best University. There are s many opportunities for students to learn even outside the lecture rooms. Through seminars organized by different departments and the different student organizations on interesting topics.
Do you have any tips for new Master's Students?
Study hard, but most of all remember to enjoy Bergen; even when its raining just go out . It is a wonderful city