Department of Administration and Organization Theory

The welfare state’s normative questions

Elvbakken, Hansen, and Kuhnle as topical editors for Norwegian Journal of Sociology.

Norsk sosiologisk tidsskrift
Idunn, Universitetsforlaget

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The year’s first issue of the Norwegian Journal of Sociology, titled “The welfare state's normative questions”, discusses various challenges and issues related to the welfare state normative basis. Contributions include questions about the sustainability of the pension system, the voluntary sector, user-driven personal assistance and universal welfare systems. In addition to contributions from researchers from the Rokkansenteret, Oslo and Akerhus University College of Applied Sciences, and the University of Bergen, there is also a contribution from German sociologist Claus Offe.

The title of the topical issue is taken from a seminar in “Velferdsforum” (Welfare Forum) at the University of Bergen, in April 2016. The occasion was that Nanna Kildal, researcher at Uni Research Rokkan Centre, main coordinator for the forum through 15 years, and from 2004 to 2016 the editor of the Norwegian Journal of Welfare Research, turned 70 years old.

The welfare research in Bergen is extensive and has a long history characterized by interdisciplinary and close cooperation between the Rokkan Centre and the departments in Christies gate, Bergen. The guest editors, Professor Kari Tove Elvbakken from the Department of Administration and Organization Theory, Professor Hans-Tore Hansen from the Department of Sociology, and Professor Stein Kuhnle from the Department of Comparative Politics, are happy to together present this topical issue, and encourage everyone to read it and hope that it will inspire more research on welfare.

The journal is published under open access via Idunn, in Norwegian.