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Lægreid, Rykkja, and Greve with chapter in Bureaucracy and Society in Transition

Professor Per Lægreid and professor Lisa H. Rykkja have, together with professor Carsten Greve, contributed to the book «Bureaucracy and Society in Transition».

Bureaucracy and Society in Transition
Emerald Publishing Ltd.

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The book, edited by professor emeritus Fredrik Engelstad and professor Haldor Byrkjeflot at the University of Oslo, deals with changing bureaucracies in Europe with a particular focus on the Nordic countries. The book is a part of the series «Comparative Social Research», which focuses on furthering an international orientation of the social sciences.

Per Lægreid and Lisa H. Rykkja have, together with Carsten Greve form Copenhagen Business School  contributed with the chapter «Nordic Bureaucracy beyond New Public Management». They summarize the findings from a study on administrative reforms in 19 European countries, especially reform trajectories seen from the top of the central administrative apparatus. The main finding is that the Nordic bureaucracy represents a layered, complex and hybrid system combining different reform trends – which sets it apart from the rest of Europe. There is an especially strong north –south divide in Europe between the Nordic countries and the Mediterranean countries. Overall, the Nordic countries come closer to a good government model than the Napoleonic countries.