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Covid-19 and reputation management

Per Lægreid and Tom Christensen with new article that analyse the Norwegian governments handeling of the Corona pandemic

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Per Lægreid and Tom Christensen with new publication with the title: ”The coronavirus crisis—crisis communication, meaning-making, and reputation management” in International Public Management Journal.

The article addresses the Norwegian government’s meaning-making, crises communication and reputation management during the Corona pandemic crisis. It argues that reputation management can be seen as a combination of governance capacity and legitimacy reflected in a well performing crisis communication and meaning-making.

Under the slogan “working together” the government emphasized the need for a supportive and cohesive culture in order to to balance efforts at increasing governance capacity as well as governance legitimacy, through shaping a common understanding and broad consensus on what the crisis was about and what needed to be done to deal with it.

A main lesson learned from the Norwegian case is that the effectiveness of the government in controlling the pandemic was enhanced by successful meaning-making and communication with the public, and to the high level of citizens’ trust in government.

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