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Danielsen winner of EGPA Best Paper Award

PhD Candidate Ole Andreas Danielsen won the EGPA PhD Symposium best paper award.

2013 EGPA Conference

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The chairs of the 2012 EGPA Symposium, Christoph Reichard, Eckhard Schroeter, Paola Mattei and Ivar Bleiklie ranked Ole Andreas Danielsen tie-winner with Maryse Tremblay for the second PhD Symposium best paper award.

As winner Danielsen is invited to attend the 2013 EGPA Annual Conference to be held in Edinburgh from 11-13 September 2013 in order to receive your certificate and to shortly present his research at the opening session of the Conference. EGPA will cover your travel costs and will waive the registration fee at this occasion.

Danielsen won with the paper: «Composite transgovernmentalism – the institutional dynamics of transnational competition governance»