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After Oslo and Utøya: A shift in the balance between security and liberty in Norway?

New article from Anne Lise Fimreite, Per Lægreid, Lise H. Rykkja & Peter Lango in Studies in Conflict & Terrorism.


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The article addresses the challenges a society faces to when trying to balance between security and liberty after a terrorist attack. A main question is to what extent attitudes towards counterterror measures changed in Norway after the massive terror attacks in July 2011. A hypothesis that people will be more in favour of such measures after a terror attack is examined using data from two surveys – one conducted in 2006 and one in August in 2011, with additional results from a survey in 2012. The Norwegian response after the 2011 attacks is compared to the response to the same questions in the US shortly after 9/11 2001. A main finding is that in Norway, in contrast to the US, levels of support for counterterror measures declined immediately after the attacks. The authors argue that this can be explained partly by the different levels of trust in the two countries, and partly by differences in the political executive's framing of the crisis. In 2012, support of counterterror measures in Norway has risen to pre-2011 levels. This is related to the changed discourse after the publication of the report from the 22 July Committee.

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