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New number of "Public Organization Review"

Both Ishtiaq Jamil and Steinar Askvik has contributed to this special issue of "Public Organization Review", which explores and analyzes governance and policy issues in South, Southeast and East Asia.

Main content

(From the Introduction by Ishtiaq Jamil, Salahuddin M. Aminuzzaman and Sk. Tawfique M. Haque)

The authors of the articles presented in this issue map governance challenges and analyze its current trends from the perspectives of politics and administration. Public administration and governance systems in these regions have witnessed some phenomenal changes during the last three decades and have played a key role in the economic progress, especially in the Southeast and East Asian nations. Rich with evicence and analyses, these papers use empirical and other research methods to examine contemporary best-practice paradigms. Their additional aim is to develop the understanding of changes in the forms of governance, both within the national context and in a comparative perpective.

The article "The Institutional Trust Paradox in Bangladesh" is written by Steinar Askvik and Ishtiaq Jamil. The article maps institutional trust in Bangladesh and analyzes to what extent citizens perceive public institutions to be trustworthy. According to a number of expert evaluations, public and political institutions in Bangladesh do not stand out as very trustworthy. Yet, despite such expert evaluations, recent survey data indicate that popular trust is quite high in certain major institutions such as the parliament and the central government. Since it is misplaced, the high level of popular institutional trust presents a paradox. It implies some kind of blind or naive trust, which may be dysfunctional for the emergence of a democratic governance system.

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