Department of Administration and Organization Theory

Competitive PhD Scholarship for MPA-graduates


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There will be one competitive PhD scholarship (under the Quota Programme) available from January/ February 2015 at the Department of Administration and Organization Theory, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Bergen. The candidate will be attached to the research group "Globalization and Development" and take part in its activities.

The total scholarship period is three (3) years and the candidate will be financed through the Quota Scholarship Programme. The monthly allowance will be approximately NOK 9800.


We are looking for students who:

  • Successfully has completed the MPA programme at our department
  • Have made prior arrangements with a potential supervisor at the department
  • Have been awarded the grade A or B for their MPA thesis.


The application:

In addition to a project proposal (about 5-8 pages) the application should contain:

  • A letter of application
  • A CV
  • A transcript of exam results from the University of Bergen


The application process:

The Department will appoint a committee to assess the applications, and based on its recommendations the Faculty of Social Sciences will make the final decision regarding entry into the PhD programme.


The application deadline is 20 June 2014.


The application and its attachments may be scanned and sent electronically in PDF-format to the following email address: Olga.Mjelde@sos.uib.no


For more information contact Olga Mjelde by email; Olga.Mjelde@sos.uib.no or by phone; +47 55 58 49 94.