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Prithvi Raj BhusalImplementation of Right to Information Act: A Study of Municipalities in Nepal
Mizanur RahmanAccountability of Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs): A Case of Bangladesh
Karen Afriyie OkrahGhana’s mental health act 2012 – A study of the actors and strategies in setting the public policy agenda.
Hasan Muhammad BaniaminReducing Corruption through E-Governance: Rhetoric or Reality? An Empirical Inquiry.
Kato Simon KagambirweImplementation of Tax Policy Reform in Uganda: The Case of Uganda Revenue Authority
Amra SalihovicA Pathway to Europeanisation? Institutional Change in Bosnia and Herzegovina's Higher Education: A Case Study of the University of Sarajevo and the University of Tuzla
Kisembo FrancisThe impact of community participation on academic performance in Uganda’s primary education: A case study of school management committees and parent-teacher associations in Kayunga District.
Fereshteh KakisahnehImplementation of public policy in developing countries; A case of Iran privatization policy