Department of Administration and Organization Theory

Iryna Kryvko

Iryna Kryvko took her bachelor degree in Kyiv, Ukraine. She is now writing her master’s thesis on voter mobilisation among immigrants.

I have enhanced my knowledge about the relationship between politics and administration and between the formulation and implementation of public policy.

Why did you choose the master program in public administration to further your studies?

I had a relevant academic background in Political science and had to develop my knowledge till Master in Philosophy. I see great career opportunities for myself after the master degree.  

How has the transition from bachelor to master level studies been?

It has been quite challenging for me. I graduated in 2007 and have been working after. So I have almost forgotten how it is to be a student and prepare yourself for seminars or exams. The MPA program demands student self-discipline for individual work with academic literature and writing essays.

How have you developed academically while attending the master program in public administration?

I have enhanced my knowledge about the relationship between politics and administration and between the formulation and implementation of public policy. The MPA program also includes a number of activities devoted to methodology of social inquiry in order to train students for the own scientific research and to prepare them for the master thesis writing.

What are you writing your master’s thesis about? Why did you choose this topic?

The global transformations going on today are characterized by extensive migration flows. Gradually, population with foreign origin constitute a growing group in Western democratic countries, and the amount of those who suppose influence as voters on politics simultaneously.

Instead, the statistic of election in Norway denies this by stating that just 1 of 3 from immigrant population, who have right to vote, is using it. The low level of political activity on the part of immigrants who have got the right to vote, put under doubt representation of their opinion through authorities. Thus, immigrants do not affect, at least openly, on changes in legislation and public policy at all.

Therefore, I am going to devote my master thesis to the challenges for democracy caused by new multinational society in Western democratic countries. It will be a case-study of voter mobilisation among immigrants on the election in 2015 to Bergen municipality in Norway which will aim to explore ‘What politicians do in order to engage in the local politics potential voters with foreign background and which methods are used for it? ‘

What is your best memory from studying at the master’s program so far?

The best memories are those fruitful lecturers and seminars that we had in the Autumn 2015 led by professors Steinar Askvik and Ishtiaq Jamil.

What are your plans for when you complete the degree?

I will look for an administrative position in Bergen municipality.

Why should new applicants choose the master program in public administration?

The challenges that are created by the global transformations are increasing the need for qualified public managers all over the world. Therefore, a degree Master of Philosophy in Public Administration opens wide opportunities for the future career.

By studying MPA you will invest in the best, in yourself, and the return on an investment will be greater than the contributions made to that investment.

Do you have any tips for new master students?

I would advise to do scientific research in the field where students would like to work in the future. Then they will have an opportunity to build social network and introduce themselves as potential employees.