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Moses Bwogi

Moses Bwogi has a bachelor degree from Makerere University Kampala. He is now writing his master thesis on implementation of public policies at local level in Uganda.

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It has broadened my overview on policy studies, especially policy implementation which is critical in my area of profession.

Why did you choose the master program in public administration to further your studies?

The course falls within my field of employment and education background. At home in Uganda, I'm employed in the public sector by Mukono district local government. The course puts strong emphasis on policy analysis and empirical research in the social science field. With policy implementation being the most challenging area for many developing countries, Uganda inclusive. Therefore, the course has equipped me with new skills, knowledge in public administration.

How has the transition from bachelor to master level studies been?

The transition has been challenging may be because I had to acclimatize to a new environment but also very demanding academically because it requires independent reading.

How have you developed academically while attending the master program in public administration?

It has advanced my research skills, through critical analysis of theories, application of theories to study a certain phenomenon. It has broadened my overview on policy studies, especially policy implementation which is critical in my area of profession. 

What are you writing your master’s thesis about? Why did you choose this topic?

Implementation of public policies at local level in Uganda. A case study of National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) in mukono district local government.

As earlier mentioned policy implementation is one of the developmental challenges of many developing countries. Several studies have been conducted on the subject in Uganda and other nations but little efforts had been done to study implementation at local level in Uganda's perspective. Therefore, I was inspired to analyse NAADS implementation at the local government level in order to find out the challenges hindering effective implementation of the policy. With 80% of Uganda's population involved in the agricultural sector, it is considered by the Ugandan government as the most influential sector for the country's economy, through which government can champion interventions to improve people's livelihoods. Thus, the above reasons inspired me to choose the topic

What is your best memory from studying at the master’s program so far?

The routine individual presentations and discussion we have in class, through which students share different ideas and experiences.

What are your plans for when you complete the degree?

To go back to my country and continue with my career in public service and later enroll for doctoral studies with the aim of starting consultancy work in policy analysis and teaching at university level

Why should new applicants choose the master program in public administration?

The program develops further one's capability to think critically and analyse issues from a broader perspective.

Do you have any tips for new master students?

They should have a study plan and identify their area of interest as early as possible such that they are in better position to embark on their research undertakings.